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Not Foto Cowok Bugil, Erotic Swimwear

All swimwear products offering unique and exciting men's bathing suits and men's swimwear at the best possible price, with the best service to them clients. Many men's swimwear brands have collections of contemporary, sexy, and erotic style men's swimwear by top designers. You can choose swimwear model that suitable with you and also don't forget, to avoid disease on your skin, always use sunblock, eyewear or sunglasses when you go to beach.

Sexy Men's Swimwear

No matter what shape your body's in, or how conservative your tastes run, you must choose swimwear a style to suit you perfectly, because many girls and women like men's who have perfect body. You can carry briefs thong, bikini, hi-cut bikini, french cut bikini, and string bikini, low-rise racer, squarecut, midcuts, and the new mini trunks. You can choose all the seasons popular colors in solids, stripes and prints galore. In all the best fabrics, like: nylon, lycra, spandex, micro fiber and all the latest hi-tech fabrics in a multitude of combinations. I think it depends on you, some people maybe different in taste with other.

Hot Men's Swimwear

Not like women's swimwear, men's swimwear like thongs, boxer or brief is very simple and easy to bring anywhere you go. You can choose sexy swimwear, erotic swimwear, hot swimwear or anything you want. If you have get it, you can ready take on vacation.

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Vino Bastian : Biodata, Foto, Fans Club, Wallpaper

Biodata Vino G. Bastian
Full Name : Vino Giovanni Bastian
Nickname : Vino G Bastian, Vino Bastian
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 24 Maret 1982
Father's Name : Bastian Tito
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Occupation : Actor, drummer, model
Education : Institut Technology Industri Jakarta, majoring Chemical Engineering
Hobby : Watching movies, Listening music, Playing instruments, Eating

Color : Black and other dark colour
Actor : Al-Pacino

Vino Bastian photo cowo not bugil

Vino Bastian Movie Title (Filmography) :

* 30 Day Search for Love / 30 Hari Mencari Cinta (2004), play with Nirina Zubir, Dinna Olivia and Revaldo
* End Note School / Catatan Akhir Sekolah (2005), with Marcel Chandrawinata, Christian Sugiono, Joanna Alexandra, directed by Hanung Bramantyo
* Images and The Box / Foto Kotak dan Jendela(2006), play with Christian Sugiono, Noveleta Dinar.
* Reality, Love and Rock'n Roll / Realita, Cinta dan Rock'n Roll (2006), with Herjunot Ali, Nadine Chandrawinata, Sandy Harun
* Message From Heaven / Pesan Dari Surga (2006), with Luna Maya, Rianti Cartwright, Catherine Wilson and Davina Veronica
* Badai Pasti Berlalu (2007), Raihaanun, Winky Wiryawan and Davina Veronica
* About Love / Tentang Cinta (2007), with Sheila Marcia, Fedi Nuril
* Radit and Jani / Radit dan Jani (2008), with Fahrani Empel, an Indonesian supermodel

wallpaper Vino G. Bastian
Vino Giovanni Bastian, better known as Vino G. Bastian or Vino Bastian was born in Jakarta, 24 Maret 1982. He's an Indonesian sexy actors and Indonesia cute male model , but not Asian male nude models. Vino Bastian is the youngest son Bastian Tito, fighting script-writer through the famous series Wiro Sableng which have famous weapon Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 and a mad teacher Eyang Sinto Gendeng.

In the junior high school, Vino Bastian began playing music as a drummer. He then became a model and in 2004 as the actors with first debut through film 30 Day Search for Love. In the film director Upi Avianto landing, the Vino portray characters who dream school children formed a band group, but you can't find foto cowok telanjang Vino Bastian here. In the last film Radit dan Jani, Vino G. Bastian portray marijuana as a habitue, he had to do a survey of some old friends who use a lot of drug addict. Habitue role as a drug in the film Radit and Jani was not to make the main actors, Vino G Bastian, a fear of its image will be affected. For Vino, any role that he not be a problem play.

Is Vino Bastian a playboy Indonesia? Those girls so damn cute!

In some photos circulating on the internet forum, the man who similar to Vino G Bastian appear that the smooch with a short blond woman. Both shirt and black lips they look cool intimate smooch, and I think that's very hot kissing altough they didn't do adegan photo pria bugil and gadis telanjang. At the forum is called Vino-a smooch with Upi Avianto, film director Reality Cinta Rock n Roll & Radit and Jani, who is the girlfriend alone. Both a relationship for two or three years ago. Is it right that Vino Bastian and Upi Avianto? Until now, they still have not provided further information with intimate sexy images of their face like this.

Vino G Bastian with Nicholas Saputra in the same category to nominated Best Actor on the Indonesian Film Festival 2008. Vino is nominated for his movie Radit and Jani which made him become the Most Favorite Actor in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008, beating Nicholas Saputra. I think, he's the most sexiest actors and the cutest male in Indonesian..
hot sexy male models, Vino Bastian pictures

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