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Foto dan Profil Seleb

Pasha Ungu

Pasha Ungu
Name : Sigit Purnomo Syamsuddin Said
or better known as Pasha
date of birth 27 November 1979
Pasha married with Okie and has 3 children.
Pasha Ungu

Pasha Ungu
Pasha is the vocalist band Ungu. Pasha joined the band Ungu in 1999.
Prior to joining Ungu, Pasha had previously appeared in the entertainment world and Indonesia as the model has appeared in several television commercials, soap operas playing, and joined with several bands.
In 2008, Pasha was plunged into the business world by founding a company named Monash label with his friend, Inong. His first project is a new band named Michael Says.

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Keanu Reeves The Sexy Actor, not foto Telanjang

  • Full Name : Keanu Charles Reeves (Keanu Reeves)
  • Nickname : The Wall (due to his position in ice hockey)
  • Born : 2 September 1964
  • Birthplace : Beirut, Lebanon
  • Father : Samuel Nowlin Reeves (geologist)
  • Mother : Patricia Taylor (costume designer; divorced four times)
  • Spouse : Jennifer Syme (actress, d. April of 2001)
  • Domestic Partner : Jill Schoelen (actress, 1986-1990), Jennifer Syme (actress, d. April of 2001), Autumn Macintosh (actress, early 1990s, 2003-2005)
  • Height : 6' 1¼" (186 cm)
  • Nationality : Canadian
  • Hair Color : Black
  • Eye Color : Brown - Dark
  • Education : High School for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario Canada ; De La Salle College (dropped out) ; Second City workshop in Toronto ; Hedgerow Theatre in Media, PA.
  • Occupation : Actor, Musician
  • Active : '80s-2000s
  • Major Genres : Comedy, Drama
  • First Major Screen Credit : Going Great (1982)
  • Career Highlights : Speed, Dangerous Liaisons, River's Edge
  • Best Known as : Neo in The Matrix film trilogy

Keanu Reeves Biography :

One of the most inscrutable actors to ever hit it big, Keanu Reeves has been by turns adored, reviled, and grudgingly respected by the movie-going public. As the controversy over his talent rages on, his career choices and paychecks show him inching toward A-list status. Reeves, whose first name means "cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian, was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964. His mother, Patricia, was a showgirl; his father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves, a geologist. After their marriage dissolved, Keanu moved with his mother and younger sister Kim to New York City, then Toronto. Stepfather #1 was Paul Aaron, a stage and film director - he and Patricia divorced within a year, after which she went on to marry (and divorce) rock promoter Robert Miller and hair salon owner Jack Bond. Reeves never reconnected with his biological father, who is now in prison on charges of cocaine possession. In high school, Reeves was lukewarm toward academics but took a keen interest in ice hockey (as team goalie, he earned the nickname "The Wall") and drama. He eventually dropped out of school to pursue an acting career.

After a few stage gigs and a handful of made-for TV-movies, he scored a supporting role in the Rob Lowe hockey flick Youngblood (1986), which was filmed in Canada. Shortly after the production wrapped, Reeves packed his bags and headed for Hollywood. Reeves popped up on critics' radar with his performance in the dark adolescent drama River's Edge (1986), but his first popular success was the role of totally rad dude Ted Logan in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989). The wacky time-travel movie became something of a cultural phenomenon, and audiences would forever confuse Reeves's real-life persona with that of his doofy on-screen counterpart. Over the next few years, Reeves tried to shake the Ted stigma with a series of highbrow projects. He played a slumming rich boy opposite River Phoenix's narcoleptic male hustler in My Own Private Idaho (1991), an unlucky lawyer who stumbles into the vampire's lair in Dracula (1992), and Shakespearean party-pooper Don Jon in Much Ado About Nothing (1993).

In 1994, the understated actor became a big-budget action star with the release of Speed (1994/I). Its success heralded an era of five years in which Reeves would alternate between largely unwatched small films, like Feeling Minnesota (1996) and The Last Time I Committed Suicide (1997), and unwatched big films like Johnny Mnemonic (1995) and Chain Reaction (1996). After all this Reeves did the unthinkable and passed on the Speed sequel, but he struck box-office gold again a few years later with the Wachowski brothers' cyberadventure The Matrix (1999). Despite his deadpan delivery style and reputation as an oaf, Reeves continues to reel in choice roles and fat paychecks. Whatever he knows, he's not telling the public--his self-deprecating interview tactics and mysterious private life provide little insight into his artistry. As far as Reeves is concerned, it seems, he's just a regular guy who rides a motorcycle, plays in a band (Dogstar), and shows up every now and then for a movie shoot. (source : IMDb Mini Biography by. IMDb Editors )

Awards for Keanu Reeves :
  • Teen Choice Awards (2006) : Movies - Choice Liplock, for: The Lake House
  • MTV Movie Awards (2000) : Best Fight for: The Matrix
  • Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (2000) : Favorite Actor - Action/Science Fiction for: The Matrix
  • Csapnivalo Awards (2000) : Best Actor in a Leading Role for: The Matrix
  • MTV Movie Awards (1995) : Best On-Screen Duo, for: Speed
  • MTV Movie Awards (1992) : Most Desirable Male, for: Point Break

Foto cowok ganteng Keanu Reeves

Foto cowok not telanjang bugil Keanu Reeves

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Ibnu Jamil, The Best for Children

Biodata Ibnu Jamil Profil :
  • Full Name : Ibnu Jamil
  • Alternative Name : Ibnu Jamil
  • Nickname : Ibnu Jamil
  • Place / Date of birth : 30 April 1982
  • Wife's Name : Maya Attriani
  • Sons : Dhofin
  • Religion : Islam
  • Height : 178 cm
  • Weight : 69 kg
  • Size Shirt : M / L, Pants : 31, Shoes : 45
  • Zodiak : Taurus
  • Occupation : Model, Actor
  • Education : Mercu Buana University, Jakarta
  • Hobby : Futsal
  • Favorite Food : Pecel Bebek
Commercial Talent for : Coca Cola, Pro XL, Starmild Obsesi Jadi Selebriti

Latest Ibnu Jamil Sinetron :
- Aqso dan Madina, with Dude Harlino, Marshanda, Carissa Putri, Wingky Wiryawan
- Dewi as Gustav, with Baim Wong, Rianty Cartwright, Dimas Seto and Luna Maya

Ibnu Jamil Movie Title :
- Badai Pasti Berlalu (2007), with Vino G Bastian, Raihaanun, Winky Wiryawan, Davina Veronica, Agastya Kandou, Dewi Irawan
- Kuntilanak 2 (2007), directed Rizal Mantovani, starring Julie Estelle, Evan Sanders, Bella Esperance, Cindy Valerie
- Love is Cinta (2007), Irwansyah dan Acha Septriasa, Raffi Ahmad, Andhika Pratama, Juwita Maritsa.
- Tali Pocong Perawan (2008) as Aldo, with Dewi Persik, Catherine Wilson, Ramon Y. Tungka, Dwi Putrantiwi, Zora Vidyanata
- Kick n'Love (2008) as Tyo, with Oka Antara, Sharena Gunawan
- Ikhsan - Mama I Love You (2008) - not yet released

Ibnu Jamil foto happy family, with his wife Maya Attriani and young son, Dhofin

Biografi Ibnu Jamil Biography :

Ibnu Jamil (not Ibnu Jamal) is an Indonesian rising star actor, was born on 30 April 1982. He is young, macho, sexy and talented but he is not cowok gay actors. The firs sinetron is Seandainya, starring with Ari Wibowo and Desy Ratnasari and production from Multivision Plus. Ibnu Jamil very love and care to his beautiful wife, Maya Atriani and Dhoffin, his handsome young child. Everything will be done for his son, so he always working hard to get much money for the future and study of their children, if it isn't enough maybe he want to use debt student loan or student debt loan for children school.

Education is expensive especially if you go to best college university or academy, so Ibnu Jamil as parent must save money for that future children can attend in the best school and best university in the world without using loan student. Best study starting from playgroup, and then senior high school and university, so his children soon become a useful mand for the nation, family and parent. Wheter Dhofin should be an artist as his father? Of course not, because the higher education can make a child take the department in the university that groove, it may take economic, technical, business, medicine or become a lawyer. Indeed, a student need not cost a few ... Therefore, diligent save money for the future of your family.

You can see data Ibnu Jamil hot, foto Ibnu Jamil pictures above, but you can't find photo Ibnu Jamil bugil because he isn't porn actors and never do it... He's a professional in work.

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Ashraf Sinclair, Cowok Handsome from Malaysia

Biodata Ashraf Sinclair Photo :
  • Full Name : Ashraf Daniel Bin Muhammed Sinclair
  • Alternative Name : Ashraff Sinclair, Ashraff Daniel Sinclair
  • Nickname : Ashraf Sinclair
  • Place / Date of birth : Croydon, England 18 September 1979
  • Father's Name : Muhamed Sinclair
  • Mother's Name : Khadijah
  • Religion : Moslem
  • Bintang : Virgo
  • Wife Istri : Bunga Citra Lestari
  • Brother : Adam Sinclair
  • Sister : Aishah Sinclair
  • Occupation : Model, Actor Malaysia, Host
Judul Sinetron starring Ashraff Sinclair :
- Sekar (2008), with Naysila Mirdad, Kevin Andrean, Asmirandah, Kevin Julio and Jessica Mila
- Cinta dan Anugerah (2009) as Reza, with Jasmine Leeds Wildblood, Miller, Wilda Hamid, Cut Sarah, Eva Anindhita and Nabila Sakieb

photo shirtless Ashraf Sinclair, cowok telanjang dada with BCL Bunga Citra Lestari

Film Movies Bioskop Ashraf Daniel Sinclair :

- Saus Kacang (2008) as Fredo, with Bunga Citra Lestari, Nadia Saphira, Christian Sugiono, Marsha Milan Londoh and Bams Samsons
- The Real Pocong (2009) as Ivan, with Nabila Syakieb, Sakinah Dava Erawan and Kinaryosih

Biografi Ashraf Sinclair :

Ashraf Daniel Bin Muhammed Sinclair, better known as Ashraff Sinclair or Ashraf was born was born at Croydon, England UK in 18 September 1979. Ashraf is a Malaysian actor and began the career from Gol and Gincu movie, then he involved as host on Box Office NTV7 in Malaysia. Ashraf very popular, hot male sixpack, controversial and skyrocket since many foto telanjang dada (half-nude) and kissing each other, but not foto bugil with Bunga Citra Lestari Unge was spread at internet.

Ashraf Sinclair had Malaysian mother named Khadijah and Australian English father, Muhamed Sinclair. Adam Sinclair and Aishah Sinclair are name of his brother and sister who also involved career in showbiz and movies. As cowok handsome, he's very popular actor in Malaysia and Indonesia. Latest sinetron Ashraf Sinclair is Cinta dan Anugerah as Reza, which is starring with Yasmine Leeds Wildblood, Miller, Wilda Hamid, Cut Sarah, Eva Anindita and Nabila Syakieb.

gambar Ashraff Daniel Sinclair wallpaper gallery

You can't find foto cowok telanjang Asraf or photo pria bugil here, but you can see Ashraf Daniel Sinclair wallpaper, profil Ashraf Sinclair biodata and koleksi photo terbaru Ashraf Sinclair in Cinta dan Anugerah here.

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Ben Joshua, Leisure in Bali Villas

Profil Biodata Ben Joshua :

Full Name : Benjamin Joshua
Alternative Name : Ben Joshua, Ben Josua, Benyamin Joshua
Nickname : Benjos, Ben Josh
Place / Date of birth : Menado Sulawesi, 13 Agustus 1980
Height : 175 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Zodiak : Cancer
Relationship : unknown
Occupation : Actor, Model, Worker
Education : SMA Don Bosco, STIE Indonesia
Hobby : Watching Horror Movies
Favorite Books : FHM, Donald Bebek
Favorite Movies : Die Hard 1-2-3, Doraemon, Warkop DKI, Saving Private Ryan, Lord of The Ring 1-2-3, Closer, Dealova
Favorite Music : Matchbox 20, Green Day, Sugar Ray, No Doubt, Linkin Park, Prodigy

Commercial Ads for : A Mild Versi lampu (2005), Sandal Carvil (2007), Decolgen (2008)
Benjamin JoshuaBen Joshua
koleksi foto Ben Joshua wallpaper pictures

Judul Film Ben Joshua :

- DeaLove (Flix Production, 2005) as Dira, with Evan Sanders, Jessica Iskandar, Rizky Hanggono, Nagita Slavina
- Cinta Pertama (Maxima Production, 2006) as Sani, with Bunga Citra Lestari, Richard Kevin
- Malam Jumat Kliwon (Indika Production, 2007) as Dhika, with Robertino, Gracia Indri, Debby Kristy
- Hantu Jembatan Ancol (MD Entertainment, 2008) as Nikko, with Nia Ramadhani, Nadila Ernesta, Dennis Adhiswara
- D.O - Drop Out (MVP Pictures, 2008) as Jemi, with Titi Kamal, Sarah Sechan, Dimas Aditya, Dwi Sasono
- Hantu Rumah Ampera (Rapi Films, 2009), with Nadila Ernesta, Rahma Landy

Sinetron Ben Joshua :
- Sepatu kaca (Soraya Films, 2006), with Shandy Aulia, Andy Soraya, Yogi Finanda and Mirasih Tyas Endah
- Anggun (MD Entertainment, 2007), with Luna Maya, Carissa Putri
- Pacar Pilihan (Multivisonplus, 2007), with Nikita Willy, Samuel Zylgwyn Heckenb├╝cker, Nimaz Dewantary, Bunga Zainal
- Cinta Maia ( MD Entertainment, 2008), with Nadila Ernesta, Revand Narya, Indah Ayu Putri, Gracia Indri, Sheny Andrea, Marsha Aruan
- Koq Gitu Sich (Studio DSX ,2008), with Bunga Zaenal, Dimas Aditya

Benjamin Joshua wearing senior high school uniform

Biografi Ben Joshua :

Benjamin Joshua, more popular known as Ben Joshua, Benyamin Joshua, Ben Josua or Benjosh is a young celebrity boy in Indonesia. First career, Ben worked as media relation executive at magazine office. After tired work there, finally he try to follow casting the Dealova movie and received portray as young leader named Dira. Then he stopped working in the office and try to work in entertainment world. Then with Unge Bunga Citra Lestari, artis Ben Joshua play at Cinta Pertama as Sunny who loves Alya.

When asked where the most preferred holiday, Ben Josua immediately said Bali Island. Bali Island is famous with natural beauty and exotic cultural like as Carribean. Stay in luxury hotels and villas, all people will be vacationing there. He like stay at a luxury villa and beautiful five stars hotels at Bali Island that scattered from Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran, Ubud. Price villas and five star hotels there are very affordable, so Ben Joshua enjoys in beautiful villas and luxurious hotels that place for work or holiday in Bali Island.

photo Ben Joshua with friends, Jessica Iskandar cantik and Evan Sanders

One thing also not be overlooked Benjamin Joshua is, he also set aside part of the salary for money saving. Because between money and vacation to be very important, some money must be saved in the bank, stocks or deposit and the other part is used for fun or a holiday to Bali and enjoy the beautiful villas and hotels as well as natural scenery and culture there. For you who loves Ben Joshua, you can enjoy the handsomeness Ben Joshua, but you can not see foto Ben Joshua telanjang or photo Ben Joshua bugil here. Because Ben Joshua is a celebrity that always polite and never involved in the adegan porno.

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